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Your property search

1/ The search for your property

The first meeting enables us to analyse your property project in relation to the current state of the market on the basis of a set of written and agreed specifications. Purchasing a property is an act that is too important to leave to chance. That’s why we commit, if you agree, to put you in independent contact with competent advisors in financial, legal and tax matters who can deal with your requirements directly.

2/ Agreement on remuneration and conditions

Always in complete agreement with you, the remuneration for the transaction is based on the final purchase price of the property found by the hunter.

Naturally, all information that you provide will remain confidential.

3/ The start of the search for your property

If there is one major step, it is that the contract signed with Searchlight, together with the subsequent investigation, form crucial aspects for the success of your project. After signature of the search agreement by the two parties, your property hunter starts the search for your property by surveying the market with all known sources of information: display panels, property agencies, magazines, the Internet, private individuals and established contacts.

4/ The pre-visit and the properties in your client area

Whenever it is convenient, you can view the properties pre-visited by your property hunter. It’s very easy; by going to our web site and using your password, you can then connect to your client area. There you will find a complete description of each selected property, the price, the location, the positive and negative aspects relative to your search criteria, any work that needs to be carried out and photos of the property. The estimated budget for the property will be provided transparently.

5/ Visits with the client and our feedback

After selection of the properties that interest you, we will invite you to come and visit the apartment or house of your choice. We will then ask you for your opinion or any other observations, which will enable us to further refine the search.

All of your comments are welcome – they allow us to define your needs with the greatest precision.

6/ The final choice and the negotiation

When you find the “ideal” accommodation, we proceed to the necessary verification of the current standards defined in the urban plan. This includes an analysis of the maintenance fees and the minutes of the annual general meeting of the residents association in the case of an apartment building.

Then, we initiate negotiation and justification of the price prior to formulation of an offer in respect of your future transaction. When you accept and sign this offer, we put everything in operation so that the signature of the sales agreement proceeds smoothly.

We then pass the official documents to the notary and review the sales agreement to make things easy for you. It is then the fatal moment where you become the happy owner of the property you desire!

One last thing is that the Searchlight mission ends with the signature of the sales agreement and the commission must be paid by you at that precise moment. To conclude matters entirely, you just have to sign the ‘acte authentique’ a few months later.

7/ Complementary services

As a part of our activities, every day we rub shoulders with numerous experts in various domains. Whether it is an entrepreneur, an architect or a removals specialist, Searchlight can put you in contact with these established partners – another way in which we can help you to fulfil your dream.